Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pearl Jam-2011.09.03-Alpine Valley-East Troy, WI

Honestly, I think this is a perfect show to prompt me to think about bringing back this blog. It's been a while since I was this excited about something. I'm hoping there will be sporadic posting until December, and then it might get steady for a while.

Artist: Pearl Jam
Date: 2011.09.03
Place: Alpine Valley-East Troy,WI
Source: Audience
Format: MP3 VBR 0

CD 1:

01. Metamorphosis 2
(Philip Glass song) (intro tape)
02. Release
03. Arms Aloft
(Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros cover)
04. Do The Evolution
05. Got Some
06. In My Tree
07. Faithfull
08. Eddie Vedder Talking
09. Who You Are
10. Push Me, Pull Me
11. Setting Forth
(Eddie Vedder song)
12. Not For You
13. In the Moonlight
(with Josh Homme)
14. Deep
15. Help Help
16. Breath
17. Education
(with Liam Finn)
18. Once
19. State Of Love And Trust

CD 2:
01. Better Man/Save It For Later (English Beat)
02. Wasted Reprise/Life Wasted
03. Encore Break

04. Rearviewmirror
05. Stardog Champion (Mother Love Bone cover)
06. Say Hello 2 Heaven (Temple of the Dog cover)
07. Reach Down (Temple of the Dog cover) (with Liam Finn)
08. Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog cover)
-=Enter Chris Cornell & Glen Hansard=-
10. Porch
11. Encore Break

Encore 2:

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Liz said...

Nice. Thank you!

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