Thursday, July 3, 2008

Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Pressed Record

Artist: Badly Drawn Boy
Name: Have You Pressed Record
Date: Various
Place: Various
Encoding: 192kbps
Artwork: Cover Included

Notes: More track information on the artwork.

01. Untitled Unfinished (A Song 4 Scott)
02. A Minor Incident
03. Once Around The Block
04. Let The Sunshine In
05. You Were Right
06. Silent Sigh
07. Something To Talk About
08. You Were Right
09. 40 Days 40 Fights
10. Born Again
11. What Is It Now
12. Have You Fed The Fish
13. You Were Right
14. Let The Sunshine In
15. Delta (Little Boy Blues)
16. You Were Right
17. Once Around The Block
18. Something To Talk About
19. You Were Right
20. Born Again
21. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

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dear amsterdam said...

hey, can we get the direct links for this? this share all site says it is closed down...

really would like to grab this comp!!!!!


dear amsterdam said...

oh yea, just saw the 'read me' comment about it... hopefully the BDB link is still handy!!!


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